Retirement Visa

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Retirement Visa Thailand

A Retirement Visa in Thailand is a long-term visa that is a perfect way to stay in Thailand for a longer period of time.

A Thai Retirement Visa is available for foreign nationals who are over 50 years of age or older, and seeking to retire in Thailand.

If you are already in Thailand and need to apply for the Thai Retirement Visa, it depends on your current visa status what the process will look like for you.

If the applicant currently holds a tourist type of visa or will arrive on such a visa the total duration of the visa is 15 months (3 months Non immigrant O visa initially before issuing the 1 year retirement visa).

The visa can be extended annually.

If you plan to leave the country of Thailand durig your visa please obtain a Re-entry or multiple entry visa at the airport or immigration before your flight or you will loose your retirement visa.

In order to secure a Retirement Visa, you must fulfill the financial requirements: A security deposit of 800,000 Thai Baht in a bank account in Thailand before starting the visa application process.

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We can help you with getting all of the requirements below.

An original bank book from a Thai bank account

(We can assist with opening an account if the applicant currently doesn’t have a Thai bank account).

A rental agreement or ownership documents of current residential address.

Your bank statements from the last 3 months as well as a confirmation letter with the current baht amount in the Thai bank account.

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