Work Permit / Non B Visa


Registering a Company in Thailand and Obtaining a Work Permit and Visa with Visa Support Thailand

Company Registration

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Choose Your Company Type

Visa Support Thailand will help you decide the best company structure for your business, whether it’s a Private Limited Company, Partnership, Branch Office, Representative Office, or Regional Office.

Step 2: Reserve a Company Name

We will assist you in reserving a unique company name using the Department of Business Development (DBD) website, ensuring it meets all legal requirements.

Step 3: File a Memorandum of Association (MOA)

Visa Support Thailand will prepare and file the MOA, which includes your company’s name, address, business objectives, registered capital, and shareholder details. If required, we can help you find Thai nationals to be shareholders who own 51% of the shares, ensuring compliance with the Foreign Business Act. This allows you to maintain the necessary Thai ownership percentage while retaining effective control of your business.

Step 4: Assistance in Finding Thai Employees

If you don’t have the required four Thai employees yet, Visa Support Thailand can assist in the recruitment process. We leverage our local network to find 4 temporary candidates,  and ensure you meet the legal requirement of employing four Thai nationals, which is essential for foreign businesses operating in Thailand.

Step 5: Register the Company
Our team will handle the submission of all necessary documents to the DBD and ensure timely payment of the registration fee.

Step 6: Obtain a Corporate Tax ID and VAT Registration
Visa Support Thailand will assist you in registering for a tax ID at the Revenue Department and, if applicable, registering for VAT.

Step 7: Open a Thai Bank Account
We will guide you through the process of opening a Thai bank account, providing the necessary documents and ensuring compliance with banking regulations.

Step 8: Register for Social Security
Visa Support Thailand will take care of registering your employees with the Social Security Office and managing your contributions to social security funds.

Obtaining a Work Permit

Step 1: Prepare Required Documents
We will compile and prepare all required documents, including the completed application form, your passport, Non-Immigrant B Visa, recent photos, medical certificate, proof of address, and company documents.

Step 2: Submit the Application
Visa Support Thailand will submit your work permit application to the Ministry of Labour and handle the application fee.

Step 3: Work Permit Quality Assurance
Once approved, we will collect your work permit from the Ministry of Labour and ensure you understand all conditions associated with it.

Obtaining a Visa

Step 1: Apply for a Non-Immigrant B Visa
Visa Support Thailand will assist you in applying for a Non-Immigrant B Visa at a your local Thai immigration or consulate, providing an invitation letter from your employer, company registration documents, and personal documents.

Step 2: After your first 90 days we will apply for a year, we will help you apply for a visa extension at the Immigration Bureau, ensuring all necessary documents are provided.

Step 3: Obtain a Multiple Re-Entry Permit
If you plan to leave and re-enter Thailand, we will assist you in obtaining a re-entry permit from the Immigration Bureau or airport immigration office.


Additional Tips

Legal Assistance: Visa Support Thailand provides expert legal assistance to navigate complex procedures seamlessly.
Compliance: We ensure your business remains compliant with Thai laws and regulations.
Renewals: Our team will keep track of renewal dates for your work permits and visas, ensuring you avoid any penalties.

Visa Support Thailand is here to handle all the paperwork and processes, making your experience of setting up a business and obtaining a work permit and visa in Thailand hassle-free and efficient.

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